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Mens Trend Havaianas Looking for that one sandal that has a little something extra? Well these Mens Trend Havaianas do just that. With bold and vibrant colors, this is the sandal you want if you are hoping to finally catch the eyes of that cute girl. She won’t be able to ignore sandals that look this great on you. The rubber 1.5 cm sandal base will support you too, while the trendy colors match your outfit. If you are strolling down the streets of Saitama and want to be comfortable as your catch the ladies’ eyes this is the one for you. The blister-free sandal will help keep the shoe comfortably on your shoe even if you have to run to catch a bus. You are looking for a sandal that is built tough enough for all surfaces, but cool enough to look great with your outfit. These are the sandals for you.

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